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    Point Limited have stared at 1994 offering programming services. This was a time of Microsoft Access 1.1/2.0 and Excel. First commercial applications on Access 2.0 were GOODS! (sales assistance) and Realty (real estate database, available in downloads in Russian). GOODS!, thanks to great sales efforts of Inna, was sold to a several companies in Moscow, now it still run in few companies, also client-server version. What we have learned from it, that our customers like to have a product which can be easy customized to special requirements, assuming that Russian legislation changes very often that time. And we, using Access, could make modifications very easy.

    Same time  we stared to offer our services over internet to European companies. With SalesGuider BVBA (Belgium) we had build a CRM system on Access 97. With Hotel Marketing Solutions (Australia) we built a Membership Guide, hotel marketing assistant, now available at downloads. From 1998 till 2002 we closely worked with AAA Consulting AG (now AAA Event Solutions AG), building Event Management Tool, 4-tier VB application, and several other Access and VB application for Swiss clients. Thanks to Bernhard Aggeler - we learned and stared to build applications using as much as possible reusable components.

    In 1998 we were asked by A.P. Møller to build a vessel operations database together with SalesGuider BVBA. People so much liked it, we got a lot of new orders, and A.P. Møller become a biggest customer of us. Together with SalesGuider BVBA we founded a new company ARL Consulting BV., which now mostly focusing on web applications.

    To help ourselves and our clients build localized applications - we developed add-in for Access - Translator. Currently this is our top product in sales. To offer a best support for our client we made several useful utilities and solutions, few available in downloads section.

    To be continued ...

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