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    Download: VcheckDemo.zip (705 kb)

    VersionCheck application is designed for automatic update of new MS Access 97 or 2000/XP/2003 or any EXE application version. For checking and comparing application versions it use Property Version of UserDefined Document of Container Databases. You can set property Version by manually adding it (menu File|Database Properties) or with VersionCheck application. VersionCheck use three MS Access files: Your application Front-end MDB file on user workstation (AppMDB), new version of your application MDB file on any available server (SourceMDB) and Data Back-end file (DataMDB). When new version of your application Front-end is ready, developer increment version number, put it on the server and set version of the data back-end file DataMDB equal to new front-end file SourceMDB. VersionCheck use the following algorithm:

    IF AppMDB.Version <> DataMDB.Version THEN
        COPY SourceMDB INTO AppMDB.
    END IF

    Then VersionCheck runs your application.

    Furthermore VersionCheck can compact AppMDB each time you start it. You can define this with Compact Application file on startup checkbox.

    In case of EXE VersionCheck use EXE file version for checking, DataMDB.Version option is not required. If EXE application already running - VersionCheck brings it main window to front

    Please note: VersionCheck application is written on Visual Basic 6.0 and it use VB6 run-time files. If you dont have such files on your PC, you can download and install it from: PointSys.exe

    Demo version, $49 site license

    Demo Version limitation:
    While copying new application version program show a message box with notification Demo Version!

    Register MS Access VersionCheck Utility online:

    Comments by Mike Heden:

    "...I had exactly the same problem but decided to go straight for a split front/back-end. The backend is replicated across a number of "hub" servers, one at each of our offices. The unreplicated front-end lives on each of the client PCs accessing the database.
    The need to regularly distribute new versions of the front-end to an ever-increasing number of users was solved with the help of a nice little VB utility called VCheck97...
    ...Instead of directly loading your app, your desktop shortcut points to VCheck97 which checks the "version" property of the front-end on that client. It compares this with the version property of the back-end on the local server. If they aren't the same, VCheck97 downloads the new front-end from your distribution directory on the server, overwriting the old copy, then loads it.
    Whenever you have a new release of your front-end, all you have to do is put it in the distribution directory on your server and update the version property of the back-end. Next time each of your users loads your app VCheck97 ensures they pick-up the new version. Problem solved.
    Reliability? It's worked without any problems through about 15 front- end upgrades over the last 6 months on an application that has around 30 users. That's 450 times that I didn't have to visit a local user :)
    Sure, there are alternative solutions. No doubt many of the contributors to this newsgroup have coded similar functionality into their applications. However, when I bought VCheck97 I needed a quick solution. I've found that it does exactly what I want, it's reliable and inexpensive.
    Regards, Mike"

    For Support and question please contact: Support@Pointltd.com

    Download: VcheckDemo.zip (705 kb)

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