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Alex & Access
“User Friendly” Name Autocorrect option
Access 2007 Limits
And again on Name AutoCorrect
Be careful using CurrentDB
Confirm Record changes Option
Copyright protection in Access
CurrentDb or DBEngine(0)(0)?
How Access loads images
How to change Access language
How to copy commandbars to another DB
How to create a GUID autonumber field with DAO
How to deal with missing references
How to export objects to secured database
How to get Russian chars back
How to perform a daily backups
How to print relationship window
How to split database into BE and FE
Localized Access version problem
Merge Access and Word
Microsoft Access was unable to create an MDE database
More on AutoCorrect option
More rules for naming in Access
One more try to document MDB file
One more utility to get database password
Replacement for Linked Tables Manager
Split or not to split
Top 1 does not return only one record
Trees in SQL Database
AddItem and RemoveItem for Listboxes in Access 97/2000
Bound form’s unbound controls do not get updated
Command button on datasheet form
How to check spelling of a text, entered into textbox
How to Maximize Access Form
How to set combobox or listbox to its first item
How to undo whole record
Is form opened as subform?
Object communication using events
Update for “AddItem and RemoveItem for Listboxes in Access 97/2000”
UserControls, subforms and Events
VBA UserForms in Access
Access RunCommand Constants
Bring back Access 97 MsgBox
How to open document in OLE field
How to read ADP custom properties
How to save form image
How to show OpenFile Dialog in preview mode
Is array dimentioned?
Min and Max functions
Missed mouse wheel functionality in VBA window?
MS Access functions reference online
New edition of VBA language reference
Use Latitude And Longitude To Find Distance Between Two Points
Wildcards in Select statement
Delete & Update SQL in Jet
How to write connection string
Useful function to generate table structure and data
ActiveX control to host Office documents
Video Capture control
SQL Server/Upsizing
Confusing SQL Server trigger behavior
DSN-less connection in Access
Encryption functions in SQL Server 2000
How to map SQL Server login to DB login
How to setup MS SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server Express
Indexes usage in Jet and SQL Server
New records in a query, based on linked table
Pass-through queries in Access subforms and subreports
SQL Server Dates format
UDF string functions
Access on Citrix problem
Free script to build Access runtime
How to deploy Access project (ADP)
How to deploy Outlook security settings using Group Policy
How to hide procedure in library MDE
Import/export in Access while running with /Profile
One more free installer
Preparing Your Access 2003 Database for Deployment
Run Access with non-administrative privileges
Unable to make MDE file?
Windows Shortcut File Format
Find and Replace for Access
Misc techniques
Code to send email from Outlook Express
Document scan in MODI
Get rid of security alerts in Outlook
How to get image files from Access OLE objects
How to get Jet warnings
How to import password-protected excel spreadsheet
How to modify embedded MS Office document
How to output reports into PDF
MODI VB Reference
More on Trees
OLE Field Extractor
Want to grow a Tree?
Web Services and Access
Web Services in Office

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