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    Download: SPlayerSetup.EXE (3258 kb)

    Shop Audio Player is designed to perform audio program in a shop. You can define periods and frequency when music, advertisement and announcement will be played. Player support most popular audio formats

    Player can play audio files with following extensions:

    • .wav
    • .mp3
    • .rmi
    • .mid

    You can define several profiles, for example for normal week day one profile, for weekend other, for different target groups of people. Player goes through the list of entered folders (and subfolders if any) and plays files there in random order for specified time (interval). Player does not stop playing file until it finishes. You can set different volume levels for each folder, so announcements could be louder then background music.

    Trial version limitations
    In demo mode Player works only 1 hour, then you have to restart it.

    Demo Version, $49 single-shop license

    Register Shop Audio Player online:

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    For Support and question please contact:

    Download: SPlayerSetup.EXE (3258 kb)

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