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  • AutoCorrectOff Add-in      More »   Download (2841 Kb) »
    AutoCorrectOff is a Microsoft Access com add-in, which switch off Name AutoCorrect feature for any opened database in Microsoft Access 2000, XP and 2003
    Platform:Access   Category:Support Tools   Language:English

    AttachDB Utility      More »   Download (524 Kb) »
    AttachDB helps to make simple administration tasks on SQL Server and MSDE databases without SQL Server enterprise manager. Utility can be used with command line arguments in bat files and setup scripts.
    Platform:SQL Server   Category:Support Tools   Language:English

    Point VersionCheck utility      More »   Download (705 Kb) »
    Point VersionCheck application is designed for automatic update of new MS Access or EXE application versions and compact Access MDB/MDE file each time you start it.
    Platform:Access   Category:Support Tools   Language:English

    Shop Audio Player      More »   Download (3258 Kb) »
    Shop Audio Player is designed to perform audio program in a shop. You can define periods and frequency when music, advertisement and announcement will be played. Player support most popular audio formats
    Platform:Visual Basic   Category:Support Tools   Language:English/Russia

    FTPUpload utility      More »   Download (221 Kb) »
    A small utility to zip and upload files to FTP server
    Platform:Visual Basic   Category:Support Tools   Language:English/Russian

    Parental PC Control      More »   Download (13 Kb) »
    Small VB6 program help parents to control usage of PC by child, or help child to control him better. You can set how many minutes PC can run every day, at the end of time frame PPC shutdown computer. 5 minutes before shutdown PPC produce a sound alarm
    Platform:Visual Basic   Category:Support Tools   Language:English

    Repair! Point ver.8      More »   Download (122 Kb) »
    Using this utility you can easy keep safety of your MS Access 97 files. It can Repair and Compact your files and backup them to any folder.
    Platform:Access 97   Category:Support Tools   Language:English

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